The main MSC MetPro, a.s. potential is a wide range of services. We process a wide range of materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, boiler plates, special high-strength steel. Thanks to the above-standard production area (approx. 12,000 m2), we are able to offer our customers a wide range of services. High-quality machinery allows us to handle a large number of operations at the same time, so we deliver orders in short terms while maintaining top quality. We focus on custom production sheet metal shavings and subsequent operations.

Our main services:

Main features of MSC MetPro a.s.

Our customers are small, medium and large engineering companies. They are metal and engineering industries.

Outstanding customer service - Advice on processing and using appropriate materials
- Packaging according to customer requirements
- Demand processing also according to nonstandard drawing documentation
We also provide these services:
Ultrasound, surface and shape editing, welding, splicing, etc.

burn burns with maximum precision. We offer our customers three types of burning.

  • Burning with oxygen / acetylene
  • Burning plasma
  • Laser burning

MSC MetPro a.s. - Your shape burner specialist and follow-up operations. For burning shape fragments we use oxygen / acetylene , plasma and laser .


Company news MSC MetPro a.s.


Corporate birthday party

We celebrate the second anniversary of MSC MetPro a.s. at the office in Ostrava! We would like to thank you for our work, our employees, for the work you are doing for our company. We greatly

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The satisfaction of our customers is our goal Of course, our supplies include a complete documentation, as required by ultrasonic testing, neutralization of documents, or extraction of the material to the destination and other requirements according to the customer's wishes.