Material cutting

Our main services are:
Laser cutting, plasma cutting, gas cutting (cutting with acetylene) - thanks to many years of experience with production of cut parts and also the most modern cutting machines, we are ablce to produce cut parts with a maximal precision. 

We offer material cutting by three technologies. 

Gas/acetylene cutting
- 6 cutting devices 
- 5 mm to 200 mm thickness
- width up to 4.500 mm, with lenght up to 13.000 mm

Plasma cutting
- 2 cutting devices
- up to 20 mm thickness
- width up to 2.500 mm, with lenght up to 24.000 mm

Laser cutting
- 2 laser devices
- up to 16 mm thickness
- width up to 2.000 mm, with lenght up to 4.000 mm

Material cutting

Basis for the preparation of the contract is processed by the technologist according to the specific documentation.

An advantage is the option of sending the documentation in electronic form, which guarantees a maximal precision.